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Made in Germany


The trademark “Made in Germany” was introduced in 1887 by the “Merchandise of Mark Act” in Great Britain. With it, the British economy should be protected against the cheap competition of imported goods, which were esteemed at that time as inferior in comparison to British quality goods.

The plan had caused the opposite and the negative designed brand became a seal of quality. In his book “Made in Germany” complained nine years after decree of the “Merchandise of Mark Act” , the British journalist E.E . William: “Mainly against the fact speaks that it works as a free recommendation of German goods”.”Made in Germany” became a term for quality and reliability.


“Made in Germany” is not a protected seal of quality and is not controlled by a central regulatory body. It is often misleading, because imported goods may be provided by repackaging with this label. Numerous industries and companies use this term as proof of particularly high quality. However, a precise and detailed definition of origin designations is not comprehensively regulated by the legislature.

Gerstendörfer GmbH supplements the brand “Made in Germany” with the addition “100% Made in Germany by Gerstendörfer”. We point out that our goods are pure and guaranteed of German origin.
The Gold Leaf Manufacturer Gerstendörfer produce exclusively in Germany under trademark “100% Made in Germany by Gerstendörfer”. We rely and are committed to Germany as a production location. We accept our social responsibility and safeguard employment in Germany.