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Kölner Products


In the cathedral city Cologne, the foundation was laid for innovative gold adhesives in 1979. Genuine Gold Leaf, glossy and apparently unfading, demands the highest requirements to the adhesive base.
Kölner Gilding Products are innovative, easy to handle, contain no solvents and achieve high-gloss gildings at a unique price / performance ratio. Gilding products by Kölner are tested in constant cooperation with gilding masters and universities and offer a professional application for the interior and exterior field.


KÖLNER CLASSIC – Range of products for the classical application of genuine gold leaf and silver leaf. Product line includes gilders clay wet (7 colours), classical Mixtion (3h, 12h and 24h drying time) and Kölner Caselo (casein-based paint) in 12 various shade of colours.

KÖLNER INSTACOLL SYSTEM – This system is available in various variants and allows excellent and high-gloss gilding in interior and exterior areas.
Kölner Instacoll Base is an adhesive agent for gold and silver leaf for indoor and outdoor use (oil gilding). Instacoll Base can be applied with brush or spraying machine. After drying (up to 1 hour), it is possible to gild directly for one hour. For a longer lasting or later gilding, the Instacoll Activator (thin layer) reactivates the surface again for the metal adhesion. The activation is dry after a few minutes and keeps the surface treated approximately 1 hour for the respective metal.
Kölner Instacoll-Tissue (polishing cloth) and Instacoll-Tool (special tool for pressing gold into deepenings) completes the Instacoll-System.

KÖLNER PERMACOLL SIZE – Permanent contact adhesive size for metal leaf on acrylic-base for interior use. Permacoll Size offers far more flexibility than oil sizes with their long drying and short working times. Adhesive dries within 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon thickness and remaining pourosity of surface. Metal leaf can be applied hours or even days later. By using Permacoll Size Red, you can easily imitate a water gilding.

KÖLNER PERMACOLL PATINA – Suitable for the artificial aging of gilded surfaces in the interior field. Generates contrasting and lively gildings. Suitable for all varieties of gold leaf and base metal.

KÖLNER KGGG-SYSTEM – System to achieve easy, high quality and effective water gilding.
The system contains 3 components: Sealer, Fond and Water Size (Colnasol)
Al components are water-soluble and can be applied directly. Kölner KGGG Burnishing Clay Fond combines the properties of gesso and bole in one-premixed and brushable solution. This product is ideally suited for creation of water gilded and burnished frames, furniture ornaments etc., to achieve a traditional look for less effort.

KÖLNER MINIATUM – Gold size for mirror-gloss-gilding on paper, leather and flexible surfaces.
The Kölner Miniatum product line has been designed for gildings of painted manuscripts, lettering etc. on flexible surfaces. Easy to handle. Apply, let it dry and gild within the next 24 hours with gold or silver leaf in type transfer/patent.

KÖLNER MINIATUM INK – Miniatum Ink has been designed as a supplement to Kölner Miniatum. Finest lines can be made with a variety of drawing instruments laid with gold or silver leaf. In combination with Kölner Miniatum, nearly all calligraphy works are possible. The metal shine is mirror like after burnishing with cotton wool.

KÖLNER RAPID – Acrylic adhesive for exterior use, especially designed to gild chiseled or sand-blasted letters on stone.
Kölner Rapid will applied undiluted in two layers (15 minutes drying time between layers). After approximately 15 minutes of drying (depending on thickness of Rapid layer, temperature and relative humidity) it is possible to gild within 3 days.
In case of highly absorbent stones, it is possible to apply more layers. Beware that the Rapid layer must be completely dry before gilding. Sealing of the stone is no longer required, after repeated application. The applied Gold can immediately pressed on with Kölner Instacoll-Tissue and be burnished gently.
The comfortable, easy and safe working with the Kölner Rapid Steinmetz will quickly convince you. Efficient and easy working in highest quality is now possible with Kölner Rapid.

KÖLNER CERAMIC SIZE – Ceramic Size KT-5 designed as adhesive for small repair works of gilded ceramics or china ware. Usable as liquid in combination with genuine gold leaf in type transer/paten.
Ceramic Size Gel KT-5-hv – Adhesive in gel form, formulated for repairing of small injuries of gilded ceramis or china ware. Object can be gilded after film formation.


The unique and high quality range of products by Kölner contains also various brush, gilders cushion, gilders knife and many more for your daily work.