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Gold Deco Edible


Gold Deco – Finest genuine edible Gold and Silver Leaf for decorating and refining food and beverage.
Edible Gold and Silver Leaf by Gerstendörfer guarantees raffinesse and exlusivity. Discover and enjoy the exciting effect of the finest precious metals and make your next event to something special.

The decoration and refinement of food and beverage with edible gold is probably as old as the production of gold leaf itself. The ancient Egyptians already knew the using of edible gold as an ingredient for religious and medical purposes. Gold as food additive has also a centuries-long tradition in China and Japan.
The history of edible gold in Europe dates back into the fifteenth century, where it was mainly used by aristocratic classes.

The entire selection of GOLD DECO made by Gerstendörfer is available in traditional formats, as well as in various innovative forms (flakes, powders, shabin and gold filaments). Gold Leaf (Food colorant E175) and Silver Leaf (Food colorant E174) are suitable and uncritical for consumption.
The product line GOLD DECO executes and meets strict quality, safety and health control standards.  Gold Deco products made by Gerstendörfer are certified by LGA (TÜV Rheinland) for the intended use for food and beverage.

Gold Deco